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The Caribbean

The Caribbean

The Caribbean

It’s Still Safe To Vacation In The Caribbean
Following the recent killing of the British honeymoon couple on the Caribbean island of Reunion, discussions of whether to travel to this part of the world have again begun to raise fears among many travel experts and vacationers alike. ReUnion is a somewhat unique location to be at the very beginning of what many people consider to be a brand new era for tourism in the Caribbean. Not only does the island share a name with a whole cluster of islands off the southeastern coast of Canada, but it also comes from the French “erer” meaning “host” and has been a French colonial lookout ground since the 18th century. UFABET เว็บตรง

While the total population of the island is just 28,000 inhabitants, the island has become in the past decade one of the hot vacation destinations for couples in the Caribbean. Not only does the island have wonderful weather and luxurious accommodations, but it has the surfing capital of the region on itsanish coast.

The Grand Anse Beach is located on the northwestern tip of the island and has become in the past decade one of the favorite snorkeling and swimming spots for many tourists. Many tourists also land on the island’s only artificial island, called Florentine Island, which is controlled by the Papawala Cay Company.

Other than its lovely beaches, the island is widely known for its surfing and yachting scene. windsurfers, either amateur or professional, visit the island to partake in a sport that has become very popular for the island’s visitors.yachtingis also a favourite pastime for many visitors and inhabitants. The island is also the site of the annual rigging of the island’s sailing regattas, which are attracting many visitors each year.

Guests at the Papawala Cay Resort can windsurf in the morning and yacht in the afternoon, or just go out for a swim. Tunnels, mangroves and natural pools make up the rest of the amenities offered by the resort. Fishing, scuba diving and date safaris are also offered, as well as a host of other activities.

The whole family can enjoy the Bahamas’ kid’s Club, where many of the children areught accompanied by an adult. Babies, toddlers and seniors can also take part in the planned activities, which are designed to teach kids about the indigenous trees, plants and wildlife of the island.

Many resorts also offer other Atlantis-themed activities, such as water-based arts and crafts, nature research and even scheduled programs for parents and children. Flying Fish Cove, for instance, is a three-story, round building, which houses a tropical garden and even a real pirate’s ship. Also in Bahamas, the Atlantis Enchanted Isles offers a fairytale setting with lavish, elaborate costumes, sound effects and story telling.

Know Before You Go tips

If you’re planning to visit the Bahamas and haven’t yet visited, consider the following before you do:

The Barrier Reef requires a passport.

You’ll need to be in good health and be able to provide proof of your US citizenship.

You’ll want to make arrangements with a reputable travel agent to handle some of the details.

Make sure you’ve got enough money to support yourself, especially if you’re planning to dive, lie in the sun or sail off several times on the ship.

While traveling to the Bahamas isn’t a budget-breaker, splurging on a first-class stay might make your vacationudget a little more precarious.

Make sure to budget enough time for travel, a beach stay and some deep-sea exploration.

There are a lot to consider when you’re planning to take a holiday to the Bahamas. This complicated and sprawling destination has a wide variety of unwritten and unofficial rules, tricky laws and cultural acceptance. You may find some of the following observations to be true, however, any of them are only the opinion of an experienced traveler who has spent some quality time in the islands.

• Be careful not to overstretch or bungee jump from such locations. Inflatable lifeboats should not be used and swimming off jetties is not permitted.

• Research and learn more about the country’s political and social dynamics. The quiet, behind-the-scenes type of island access may be the best choice for you.

• Visas are not required for Americans planning to visit the islands, but they are required, according to a Visa Deterrent, if you’re planning to overstay once you’ve landed in the Bahamas.

• There are no stopovers. You must depart from the closest island to catch your next ferry. If you’re not sure which island you’ll be sailing on, check the island maps available online. You do not want to be arriving on a deserted island and running the gauntlet ofotiating an empty ferry terminal.

• Plan for the wind.

The Caribbean