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1987 mazda 323 modified

EmmDeeZuBB  | 2016-11-22 05:01:04 

MaaaaN . ...... the charcoal grey model at the top was the year that I love because that was my first car.... and as the website indicates I wanted to turn it into my dream. Never got there though and I'm sorry to see that the sedan model of this year wasn't heavily customized or modified. You see a lot more of the hatchback or Fastback models that are done up very nice :  (

But what the square and classic look I really like the Mazda 323 F BA with a rounded body And a skirt & body kit..... that model must have only been sold overseas because have not ever seen it here in America. I do not see a picture in the catalog you have here on this website so I will provide one if I can


And some photos of that rounded body one it says that it is a 1987 or a 1986 but I don't think so.... at least not here in America anyway because when they started to go with a more rounded body was in the early nineties and then they change the name to my Mazda Protege